Intelligent Transactions, LLC
A Strategic Technology Consulting Practice
Focusing on technology strategies that assist brands in meeting their strategic goals of top line revenue growth, improved customer satisfaction and streamlined operations, Founder, Jim Melvin has founded several of the most innovative technology companies in the retail sector. With over 75,000 sites installed throughout the world, having raised over $45 million in venture capital and having sold his start-up ventures to such major retail and technology companies as NCRUnisys, a McDonald's/KKR/Accel venture and PAR, Jim founded Intelligent Transactions as a vehicle to invest in compelling start-ups and to consult with major brands on how to effectively align technology with the strategic goals of the business.

Recent Engagements

Brand engagements have focused on:  
  - Strategic planning and alignment of IT with the Executive and Operational goals of the business 
  - Identification of emerging technologies that drive top line revenue, streamline operations and/or improve
     customer satisfaction
   - Technology assessments, acquisitions and implementations
   - Assessing the impact of PCI/EMV domestically and internationally
   - Executive and IT staff recruiting

Technology engagements have focused on:
   - Business strategy
   - Business plan and PPM development
   - Capital raises - including investor recruitment and investment banking relationships
   - Patent portfolio development and management strategies
   - Effective organizational structures - including employee motivation and company culture creation
   - Product and development life cycle strategies
   - Assessing the impact of PCI/EMV domestically and internationally

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